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The Main Website is Coming!

For the Last Long Month's that i cannot use my computer and cannot visit my Blogspot! For now I'm doing my website Courtesy of THE BITTER END...

Check it out!:


It's still under maintenance..


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Japan Game Charts

Japan game charts: June 19-25
Valkyrie Profile sequel lands the top spot with Mario Bros.; Winning Eleven and brain-training games rounding out the front five.

The DS and PlayStation 2 continued their struggle for control of the Japanese top 10 charts last week, with the latest figures from Media Create pegging Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria for the PS2 as the best-seller of the week.

The Nintendo DS wasn't far behind, as top 10 mainstays New Super Mario Bros. and Kahashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu: Motto Nou o Kitaeru Otona DS Training, both of which have frequented the upper echelon of the sales charts since their releases, came in second and third. The PS2 took the fourth spot with Konami's World Soccer Winning Eleven 10, no doubt fueled by World Cup fever.

The only other PS2 title on the list was the latest in SNK's long-running fighting franchise, King of Fighters XI. After Sega's PSP brain trainer Nou ni Kaikan at number nine, the remainder of the list was populated by DS titles, including Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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Final Fantasy versus XIII

LOS ANGELES--Following on the heels of Square Enix's Compilation of Final Fantasy VIII, the company has released its new Final Fantasy vision for next-generation consoles: Fabula Nova Crystallis - Final Fantasy XIII. Of the three announced titles under the "New Tale of the Crystal" concept, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the second being developed for the PlayStation 3. While we only got to see a short trailer at the Square Enix press conference, that was still enough to thoroughly whet our appetite for more Final Fantasy goodness.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The trailer started off by panning a dark cityscape, before cutting to a view of what appeared to be the interior of some sort of palace. The room shown seemed small, accented with stark detail; shadows were thick on the domed ceiling and in the far corners, and columns were ringed about a circular dais in the center. In the middle of the dais was a black throne, occupied by a young man (black hair, dressed all in black... we're sensing a theme, here), who's got his legs crossed and is resting his chin on one fist, looking enormously bored. Suddenly, he raised his face and glanced up at some unknown sound, then stood and walked out of the chamber. He emerged onto a staircase that was riddled with the corpses of what seemed to be uniformed guards. The camera then shifted to behind the mysterious man, showing the square in front of the building, and it was filled entirely with black-clad troops--who interestingly enough seemed to be dressed the same as the corpses. Perhaps some kind of power struggle is being hinted at.
There was a quiet moment as the man stared at the assembled forces. The soldiers appeared hesitant and even timid, glancing at each other and weaving their weapons around uncertainly. Finally, one of the army took the initiative, and began to fire in a crazy arc toward the young man. The surrounding stairs and masonry became pockmarked with bullet holes, but an invisible shield around the target harmlessly reflected the hail of gunfire as the force of soldiers started their assault.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Then the young man made a gesture and was surrounded by a halo of gleaming swords that materialized from the air around him. He grasped one of these weapons and then took up a battle stance, his crimson eyes focusing on his enemies.

Then the trailer ended. Tease!

We don't have much information on the game at this point, but what we do know is that the trailer was created by the team that worked on Final Fantasy Advent Children. They'll be joining the Kingdom Hearts team, who will be primarily responsible for gameplay, under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura. Mr. Nomura is also the concept designer and character designer for all of the titles in the Fabula Nova Crystallis project. The games will all have separate characters and storylines, but will be united under a single mythos. The storyline for Versus has "bonding" as its central theme.
We can't wait for more information on these games, and we'll be bringing you more news the instant we get it. Until then, keep your eyes on this gamespace for the most up-to-date information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII for PS3

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII is the first installment in the best-selling series of role-playing games from Square Enix to appear on the PlayStation 3.
Read Previews ?
Square Enix Genre: Role-Playing
Release Date: TBA (

LOS ANGELES--One of the most exciting announcements of E3 2006 just couldn't wait until Wednesday. Instead, Square Enix today revealed at its press conference not one, but three Final Fantasy XIII games. Two of those games are exclusive PlayStation 3 releases, while the other is scheduled to be released on "next-gen" mobile phones. The premier game in the series is Final Fantasy XII, which was shown off in a lengthy trailer at the Square Enix press conference. According to the press release, the entire trailer was rendered in-game, and it revealed quite a bit about the game but left many questions unanswered as well. Read on for the full details.
The Final Fantasy XIII trailer opened with a sweeping shot of a lush canyon filled with dense vegetation stretching beyond the horizon. The camera then slowly descended into the canyon to follow a speeding futuristic train that seemed to be propelled forward by passing through successive portals of some sort. Just as the train entered a dark cave it struck a barrier on the track and exploded.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's a girl!
The trailer then cut to the interior of the train, where a lithe woman with long grayish-reddish hair and two pistols was engaged in a battle with yellow-clad, futuristic soldiers. The stylish, fast-paced battle sequence showed the woman performing all sorts of acrobatic stunts while deftly dispatching of wave after wave of soldiers. Every so often, a faint blue light would come from her body, which appeared to be some magic discharge or perhaps a shield of some sort.
The scene cut to another train that sped along a winding track suspended high off the ground in a dark, possibly underground area. At this point a massive monster that looked somewhat like a weapon or summon from the previous Final Fantasy games appeared next to the track and began to attack the train.
The video then cut to a shot of hovering cars driving through a tunnel toward the camera before they were destroyed by an explosion. The next shot showed some massive airships flying around a floating cluster of tall, dark spires that appeared to be a city.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The battle system in XIII looks very action-oriented, with a single character battling a dozen enemies or more.
At this point we got a glimpse of the combat in the game, which appears to be very action-oriented. The dual-pistol woman once again was fighting wave after wave of soldiers, without breaking a sweat. The camera was pulled out slightly to show about 15 or more enemies surrounding the woman as she performed an inhumanly fast spin move and shot all of the enemies on the screen. As she did, icons popped up above each enemy denoting the number of hits and the word "chain," so it appears that the game will utilize some sort of combo system. In fact, if not for the pulled-back camera angle and numbers and words on screen, it would have been difficult to tell the difference between the cutscenes and the gameplay footage.
After the fight, the camera zoomed in close on the woman as she flicked her wrist and transformed her pistol into a large dagger or small sword, similar to a gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII. The next scene showed her walking through a very dense, green forest with crystalline structures throughout. She walked into the forest as if looking for something, then paused and looked around.
Then it was back to the floating cities as another train sped between buildings. A large flying manta ray type of creature flew down from above, landed on the train, and hijacked it. The creature looked mechanical but moved very fluidly and naturally. The trailer then ended with a line of text that simply stated, "PlayStation 3 Exclusive."

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Could this be a distant relative of Yuna, or did she just raid Yuna's closet?
After the trailer Yoshinori Kitase, Final Fantasy XIII producer, took the stage to explain a bit of the history of the development of the game. A year ago, the Final Fantasy X team was working on a version of Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 2. That team was pulled off of the project to create the PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy VII tech demo that was shown at E3 2005. Instead of going back to the unfinished XIII project, the team scrapped the game and began work on XIII for the PlayStation 3.
The XIII team was assembled with specialized developers who focused on building a brand-new game engine, called the White Engine. This engine was developed to integrate graphics rendering, physics, cinematics, sound, and special effects. Square Enix promises that the White Engine will allow Final Fantasy XIII to take full advantage of the PlayStation 3 hardware.
Based on what we saw, the game looks to stick to the stylish blend of fantasy and sci-fi themes, although the overall feel is a bit darker than Final Fantasy XII. Several of the environments were especially dark and had the hard, cold feel of technology. By contrast, there were several areas that looked almost tropical and ethereal, somewhat like the land of Macalania from Final Fantasy X.
Although the trailer we saw was of course a very early representation of the game, there were some notable absences. There were no chocobos, no girls with rabbit ears, no moogles, and no massively oversized swords. We also didn't get to see many characters, people, or enemies. The trailer seemed to focus a lot on trains, guns, and that mysterious lady.
Final Fantasy XIII is the premier product in the newly announced Final Fantasy XIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, which includes XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PlayStation 3, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII for mobile phones. The tagline for XIII is "A tale of souls from a futuristic civilization illuminated by the Light of the Cystal." We'll bring you more details about the game as soon as possible, but until then be sure to take a look at the first images from the game on our gamespace.

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Fatal Frame IV News

Fatal Frame IV

I heared from Gamer's In Japan, That Tecmo has doing the Fatal Frame IV for PS3 or Project Zero 4, That will be Characterized by Mio Amakura (Mio's Come Back for Another Story? why?).. Well I just Heard it from Fans in Japan..

But, I just Got an Interview About last year from Mr.Makoto Shibata the FFIV or the PZ4 for PS3 that would be release in year or even if they do this,,, Maybe the time it will release will be 2007 or 2008.. It Just Pop- Out in my mind..

I don't know if this Negative or Positive Rumors.. We will just going to wait for the True News of Tecmo.

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Much Update and News!

Project Zero 3 Review by NTSC-UK

Lesley Smith, a frequent BCL visitor and journalist has just written a new review on PZ3 for NTSC-UK. Pretty good thorough review, she touched on everything I would have mentioned (for Pros & Cons)Read the full review here.

Amano in Kera Magazine

This was previously posted, but the March 2006 issue of Kera Magazine is available now. This issue is supposed to have an interview with Amano Tsukiko (according to the Otokura.com website).

Courtney Webb in 'Sairen'

If you're late in making the connection, like I was, Courtney's movie 'Sairen' is actually the "Forbidden Siren" movie. Yes, she has a role in the Japanese version of the movie of THAT playstation 2 survival horror game.

( But were Hoping that She will play the Miku Role in Fatal Frame Movie :( ......)

(She apparently plays a bit part in the movie as a Japanese/American girl) Official Movie site is here.

*The Project Zero name is only in European/Japan Version of the game name.

A Lot of Special Thanks to BCL for the News!

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A Lot of News!

Fatal Frame III in Newtype Magazine!

Last month's issue of newtype magazine had a small review of the game. Pretty much your standard review, but it's nice to know Fatal Frame had some recognition outside of the videogame world!

- Thanks (Starla Zero) for the News!

Gamespot 2005 Awards

Gamespot is once again asking for nominations for its 2005 awards! Our Favorite Fatal Frame III:The Tormented is in the running for Best Action Adventure and Best Game of the Year. Go show your support and vote!

- Thanks (BCL) for the Great News! I will Vote because this was favorite game At All!!

Zero 3 Comic Book Anthology Scans!

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented Comic Anthology
Miss Emi-San of Beyond the Camera's Lens she Already Got her Zero 3: Comic Anthology! (WOW! I greatly like to have one of the book! I hope Miss-Emi give me one Book!) Here are some Scans in the Zero 3: Shisei no Koe Comic Anthology.


- WOW!! thanks a lot to (BCL) for the Scans!

More Courtney Web Rumors!

According to Courtney Web - News on the Star blog, they said that Courtney Webb has been once again attached to the Fatal Frame Movie by Sci Fi UK. Whether or not the rumors are true, at least the movie is being kept in the news!

- Thanks a lot BCL!

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Happy New Year To All!!!

Greetings from "The Last Frame Staff" and the Cast of "Zero 4: Yume no Tameni Story"...

Hi everyone! I and We Hope that everyone have a Happy New Year!!!! Let's celebrate the New Year's Eve!! Thanks you for supporting THE LAST FRAME and all other sites! Take Good Care All!!

Thank you very much!

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Valkyrie Profile II: Silmeria Story

Valkyrie Profile II: Silmeria

Game title: Valkyrie Profile II: Silmeria
Genre: Role Playing Game
Character: Silmeria Valkyrie and Alisha
Release Date: March/August 2006
Console: Sony Playstation 2

Square Enix had a dedicated theater for the latest entries in its Valkyrie Profile series, which drew long lines. In the theater, the company showed off its trailer for Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, a PSP port of the original PlayStation Valkyrie Profile from 1999. Lenneth plays as a direct port rather than a remake, but it also comes with new prerendered movies, as well as additional event scenes that connect the game to its upcoming PS2 sequel, Valkyrie Profile II: Silmeria.

As previously reported, Silmeria takes place a few hundred years before the original Valkyrie Profile. The player takes the role of two characters named Silmeria and Alisha, who exist together in the same body. Silmeria is the younger sister of Lenneth (the main character in the original Valkyrie Profile), and Alisha is the princess of the lost city of Dipan. The trailer shown at the event introduced two additional characters: Rufus, an archer who's said to have an "imprisoned soul," and Lezard, a sorcerer who also appeared in the original Valkyrie Profile.

The graphics in Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria have been upgraded to 3D visuals with more realistic characters, but the game still keeps the atmosphere of the original Valkyrie Profile by adopting side-scrolling, 2D gameplay. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is slated for a March 2 release in Japan. Square Enix hasn't announced a specific release date for the PS2's Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria yet.

This would be a great Game!!!!!!! I cannot wait to get it to be release!

For more Info. The Check this site out! Here!

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Fatal Frame III Comic Anthology 零?刺青ノ聲?

Available for order starting today is the Zero 3 Comicbook Anthology! I've been mentioning here and there. (Miss Emi-San FINALLY obtained a picture of the cover!)

There are two major stories to the comic, the first is a horror based story which appears to follow the events of Zero ~Voice of the Tattoo~ (IE Fatal Frame/Project Zero III). The second is a parody story of some kind. Maybe some of the story are not based on the game.

The comic is published by Konbusha Co. Ltd.

I will Order this book if i got my salary up.. jejejejeje! :)

You can purchase the bookfrom Amazon Japan here

Thanks a lot to BCL for the Great Great news!

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Interview with Mr. Shibata!

FOR THE FANS!!! I just got an little talk with Mr. Shibata 'bout the Future Fatal Frame..

I've came to TECMO Japan in the next day after i interview Mr. Tetsuya Nomura of Square-Soft and Square-Enix Games.

(i've interview him using they're Japanese Languages, So.. I'll Translate it)

Amakuramio: Hello, Mr. Shibata-San... I have to ask you a few questions regarding about the Future Project Zero 4.. Due the release of Project Zero 3: Shisei No Koe.. Some of the Fans begin to Mumurs about the PZ4 and the IGN already make a news about the PZ4... Are you intending to do this feature Project for the Next-Console Generation.

Mr. Shibata: Well MaybeYes or Maybe No, We'd like to do more projects, Because as you say, Most of the Fans spreading and the IGN unrelated news is some kind of not true. The "shisei no koe" or "Fatal Frame III: The Tormented" it was the last succesful fatal frame games we've ever release in the Playstation 2 console and also the TRAPT. For the Fans, We would to do more projects like fatal frames,.. etc.

amakuramio: Okay Sir, For the 4th Project Zero in Next-Gen, Most of your Fatal Frame Games are charactered with a girls, The fans wanted for the new fatal frame to be charactered with a male gender. Are you going to change some of the layouts in your future project?

Mr. Shibata: I don't know.. It depends upon the Story.. and it depends upon how Mr. Kikuchi will create .. But independently, Yes, We will change some layouts for the Next-Generation, (If were Going to do more Projects) . We will place more horrortic scene, a shocking scene moment, and that can hold-up your breathe (laughs)..

Amakuramio: (Laughs)... Well Mr. Shibata, What would you like say the Fans of Project Zero?

Mr. Shibata: For the Fans, Thank you for supporting the TECMO and the Project Zero Games. We inspired those fans and the gamers for us to do this kind of projects. I'd really like to thank you all! Good Luck and keep supporting tecmo.

Amakuramio: Thank you Mr. Shibata-San, We hope that more fatal frame or Projects Games to Come! and have a Happy Merry-Christmas to you sir! (shake-Hands and Bow)..

Mr. Shibata: Same to you to! Merry Christmas!

(After a little interview with Mr. Shibata-San gives me some little Freebies of Project Zero Posters, A T-Shirt with 3 Main FF3 characters on it and a DVD game of FF3 and Trapt.. He's so Kind :"D )..

Well, I hope this little information would help the Fatal Frame fans.

Well, I made to post this interview, it's because it's one of my articles that i've been made through, My Boss in our company and the Crew staff, we've been got-off to japan, *Here Now* ^_^, Were actually going around and interview peoples, I have been permitted to interview mr.shibata exactly from him.

Sorry for the Mistranslation, I forgot to mention some of the words.

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Final Fantasy XII

Here are some news from Final Fantasy XII

Title: Final Fantasy XII
Genre: Rope Playing Game
Release Date: August 6, 2006 (What the?!, Can they make it more like March, 6, 2006)

Related News:

Final Fantasy XII Eager role-players who tear into their copies of Dragon Quest VIII next week will also be greeted by a playable demo of Final Fantasy XII, the extremely long-in-development new entry in Square Enix's other revered RPG series. Though the content of this demo is the same as that featured at the Square Enix party in Japan last July, we couldn't resist popping it in for another look at the contentious goings-on in the world of Ivalice--this time in English. And now we've documented the experience with new gameplay footage of the demo in action.

Final Fantasy XIIUnfortunately, the English text in this demo hasn't given us much new insight into the game's storyline, since all the gameplay here is centered squarely on Final Fantasy XII's new free-roaming, MMO-esque combat engine. But we've at least gotten to see plenty of cinematics during the demo's attract mode with English subtitles. This mode depicts the brave citizens of Dalmasca preparing to repel an invasion by the formidable Archadian Empire, which seems to be the primary antagonistic force of the storyline. Behind the scenes, we got a few shots of the game's eclectic cast of characters as each one copes with the impending war in his or her own way.

If you've been keeping up with Final Fantasy XII's development, you'll know the game features a near-complete overhaul of the series' long-standing turn-based battle system. In the latest installment, the action flows more like it would in a massively multiplayer RPG. In other words, you'll encounter enemies in the same environments you're exploring (rather than switching to a battle-only screen), and once you engage an enemy, your characters will continue to automatically carry out the orders you give them until you issue new orders or until the enemy is killed.

Battle SystemThe biggest difference between the two scenarios in the demo is that one uses a wait battle type, whereas the other uses an active system. What does that mean? With the wait system, when you access your command list--which includes the standard array of options such as attack, magic, item, and so on--the action will pause. On the other hand, the active battle system keeps the battle flowing in real time while you're switching between characters, selecting spells, and so on. We found the active battle to be simultaneously more thrilling and more stressful than the wait system, since you'll be hammered on by whichever enemy you're fighting while also trying to piece together your strategy for the battle. Presumably, most experienced RPG players will prefer the active battle, simply because it keeps the fights moving at an accelerated pace and provides more excitement than the wait-type battle system.

FFXII New Summon
We also got to explore Final Fantasy XII's summon system in the demo, which varies considerably from the previous games' setup. In the demo, only Vaan and Ashe could summon monsters, and the process consumed all of their magic points. Once you've summoned a monster, your other two party members will be replaced by the creature, and you'll actually be able to continue moving around the world map with the summoned monster in tow, even after you've completed the battle in which you performed the summon. However, summoned monsters in FFXII operate on a timer, so you'll have a limited amount of time to use your new friend in subsequent combat situations. Once you engage an enemy with a summoned monster by your side, that monster will continue to attack the enemy with its special attack, either until its timer runs out, at which time it will automatically be dismissed, or until it runs out of hit points, when it will use a superattack of sorts, causing massive amounts of damage before it exits from the scene. We'll be interested to see how this new summon system is further fleshed out in the final game.

Final Fantasy XIIFrankly, we wish the retail demo of Final Fantasy XII had given us access to more of this elusive game's core role-playing mechanics as well. Without access to the main menu screen, however, we weren't able to explore the options available in the gambit or summon systems, and we're only left to guess at how such integral components as equipment and leveling will work. But if nothing else, this brief taste of the gameplay in Square Enix's latest role-playing epic has left us hopeful that this brave new direction for the series will yield entertaining results once it reaches fruition, which will hopefully happen later this year. Stay tuned for more on Final Fantasy XII as soon as it happens.

(Courtesy of Gamespot News)

Suikoden V

Suikoden V Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced today that Suikoden V, the newest installment in the ever popular role-playing game (RPG) series, will be released in North America for PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. The series, which first appeared ten years ago on the PlayStation game console, has repeatedly captured the imaginations of RPG players worldwide. Continuing the series' legacy, this newest installment will take fans on an all-new epic adventure through never-before-seen continents located within the immense and exciting Suikoden universe.

Suikoden V, like its predecessors, features unparalleled in-depth gameplay, a riveting storyline as well as the series' trademark 108 Stars of Destiny. Thrust into a time of unbalance and unrest, a dynamic drama unfolds revolving around one of the 27 True Runes, the Sun Rune. Players are tasked to explore the lands of Falena, gather allies and become stronger to ultimately bring back peace and prosperity. While on their quest through rich 3D environments, exciting new secrets of the Suikoden world will be revealed!
The game features significant enhancements from all the previous installments of the series, including 6-member battle parties, multiple mini-games and the homebase system, where all of your allies gather together along with new features to create a unique gameplay experience like no other.

To learn more about the Suikoden series, please visit: www.konami.com/gs

About Konami Corporation
Konami Corporation is a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties, specializing in the home video game market. Konami Corporation's action and adventure titles include the popular franchises Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania, among other top sellers. The latest information about Konami can be found on the Web at www.konami.com. Konami Corporation is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiary offices, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in the US and Konami of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Konami Corporation, the parent company of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is traded in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KNM. Details of the products published by Konami Digital Entertainment - America can be found at www.konami.com/gs
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